Vending machines

Double your sales

with our connected experience

Designed for an

outstanding user experience

Our vending machines are easy to use, modern and thanks to our telemetry system, they never run out of product. The result is more than satisfied customers and sales that are increasing day after day, with case studies to prove it.

The largest selection of products available

We offer two to three times more products than our competitors and we are always exploring new avenues to satisfy your customers’ hunger for novelty.

Vending machines that never run out of products

All our equipment is connected directly to our distribution centers and our fleet of supply trucks. Thus, we know in real time what your machines contain and can quickly refuel them with fresh products.

Intelligent and profitable planograms

To encourage purchases, we provide you with planograms designed according to your traffic and your users. In addition, each planogram has been designed to showcase the products that make a splash in your store.

Incredible ease of payment

In addition to accepting all types of payments, our vending machines are equipped with the latest contactless payment technology. Our machines can also be programmed to receive personalized cards from your company or institution, such as student cards for example.

A hassle-free refund tool

Your peace of mind is important to us. That’s why we have developed a mobile application that offers instant reimbursement to users via Interac.

Detailed reports to know everything

We know that information is the key to success. That’s why we provide you with detailed management reports that include valuable data on key indicators by machine and by point of sale.

Good for the planet

A portion of our fleet is powered by electricity and we expect that by 2026 all of our vehicles will run on clean energy. This is our way of reducing our environmental footprint.

A service available at all times

Many of our institutional clients such as hospitals are open day and night. That’s why we offer a 24-hour service for a one-time request or a service call. When you need us, we are always there.

let's start!

Connected to

your industry's expectactions.

Our extensive expertise in the public and private sectors and our ability to adapt to our clients’ needs make us a strong ally.

Compliance with government food policy

We fully meet the dietary expectations of health establishment and are able to provide planograms to meet your specific needs.

Personalized service, contracted meals

The hospitals we work with frequently require very personalized services such as contracted meals, and we have the flexibility to accommodate them.

Multi-site experience in Quebec

The diversity of our experience is our greatest guarantee of trust. We are the strategic partners of several large hospitals and CIUSSS throughout Quebec. 

Contactless payment

Hygiene is particularly critical in hospitals. Our numerous contactless payment options for cards and mobiles are our contribution to this stake.