your employees

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Mini grocery stores with

self-service kiosks in your company

Taking care of your employees also means making sure they eat well. By choosing a CaféGo micro-market, you allow them to enjoy a wide selection of meals and snacks right in their workplace. It’s a simple and modern way to spoil your people.

A lot of choice

To refuel at break time or lunch time, you need options. That’s why we offer snacks and a choice of meals adapted to your employees’ desires. Moreover, our immense choice will surprise many.

A micro-market abounding in products

All of our micro-markets are connected directly to our distribution centers and our fleet of supply trucks. This way, we know in real time what’s in them, who the best sellers are and can quickly replenish them with the most popular products.

Incredible ease of payment

In addition to accepting all types of payments, our micro-markets are equipped with contactless self-service kiosks that allow you to pay simply via your cell phone. Our kiosks can also be programmed to receive your company’s personalized cards such as a reward card.

A design customized to your company

Because you’ve put a lot of effort into designing an inspiring work environment for your world, we tailor each micro-market to your company’s design.

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