Coffee Break

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High-end coffee machines for rent,

including refuelling

Treat your staff and employees to the best coffee with our exceptional coffee machines. And be sure you never run out of anything with our weekly delivery service of fresh, premium coffee (and other hot beverages).

Cutting-edge equipment

A top quality coffee machine adds to a company’s coffee break experience. That’s why we offer the top brands of specialty machines with touchscreen or touchless options, and the most reliable of course.

Carefully selected coffee beans

To fuel your exceptional coffee machine, we offer the best Arabica coffees in the world, with a wide variety of original coffee beans, many of which are organic and fair trade.

Coffee and much more

In addition to our coffees, we offer a large selection of tea, hot chocolate and other sweets such as our delicious French vanilla, caramel or hazelnut drinks. In fact, we boast one of the largest selections of products on the market.

A one-stop service

We offer a personalized service that includes the delivery of the coffee machine and the chosen accessories, the supply of coffee and hot drinks as well as the maintenance service.

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Our new
pantry service

More and more people are looking to work for inspiring companies that care about their people. That’s why we’re bringing you our newest pantry service that fits perfectly with your vision of a generous employer brand.

Plenty of food and drink to spoil your world.

  • A wide selection of fresh snacks (pastries, fruits, raw vegetables, etc.)
  • Drinks to satisfy all your desires
  • Organic and artisanal coffee
  • A personalized approach adapted to the desires of your employees and partners.
  • Food and drink supplies according to your needs
  • And always a big plus for your employees and partners