Since all tasts are in nature, we offer a wide variety of fresh and affordable products to meet your employees needs for food while at their workplace. Therefore, from the beginning of the day to lunch and break times, your colleagues will fulfill their thursts, snacks and lunch needs on site.

Here’s an overview of the food products we offer : Click on the icon to view product listings in PDF format

Lunch boxes (healty meals)
Sandwichs, vegetables and dip, salad, cheese, fresh fruits.
Smoked meat, hamburgers, submarines, etc.
Hot meals (21 meals)
Chicken brochettes, Sliced poultry meat with wine sauce, Supreme chicken breast schnitzel, Beef Burgundy, etc.



Soft Drinks


Hot Drinks

Healthy Snacks
Vegetables platters, Fruit platters, etc.


Tender bars, oat cookies, etc.

Ice Cream

Drumstick, Hagen Daas, etc.